Jaguar Retail

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Software for chains of retail stores to single retail shops. E.g.supermarkets, consumer durables, apparels e.t.c. with BARCODING

Retail & POS Software

Jaguar Retail is a complete software for retail businesses of all kinds from enterprises owning chains of retail stores to single retail shops. For retail business selling merchandise of all kinds supermarkets, consumer durables, apparels and others.

Jaguar Retail takes care of all your requirements like never-before. Efficient, smooth and easy barcode-enabled Point of Sale billing, integrated with complete accounting and inventory management. And, seamless integration of all retail stores into one system.

Jaguar Retail helps retail businesses monitor pilferages, manage inventory holdings, control and reduce inventory costs, integrate with financial accounting, warehouse management, automate operations, increase efficiencies, and maximise profits.

Jaguar Retail does Point of Sale billing on computers and not dedicated PoS systems.

Jaguar Retail comes in two versions: Jaguar Retail, a desktop software for individual retail stores; and Jaguar Retail Enterprise, the enterprise version for companies with chains of retail stores.

Jaguar Retail

Jaguar Retail is a part of the Jaguar range of desktop software. Jaguar Accounting, the finest accounting software available today, is the standard in desktop accounting. Acclaimed by users and critics alike, Jaguar Accounting is used by over 500 users in India and abroad.

Jaguar Retail offers integrated Point of Sale billing and collection, financial accounting, inventory management, promotional schemes, and great reports all in an extremely easy to use environment. The modules are described later.

Jaguar Retail works on a single computer or a LAN on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 efficiently.

Jaguar Retail Enterprise

Jaguar Retail Enterprise is a seamlessly integrated, ERP software designed for large retail businesses which desire to integrate their entire operations into one system.

If your company owns a chain of retail stores, Jaguar Retail Enterprise is for you. It is the only software that offers end-to-end computerisation in one system. From efficient Point of Sale billing to enterprise-wide integration of finance, inventory and several other functions in one system. Helping you manage your inventories efficiently to help you maximize your profits. Helps you devise meaningful marketing strategies by offering you incisive analysis of your sales and trends in sales across products and stores. Offering you company-wide information like never before.

Jaguar Retail Enterprise is packed with powerful features, easy to implement and use, comprehensive in its scope, flexible, customisable, secure, and robust.